Oral Sex is Sex Dummy!


So recently I had a conversation with a friend, actually a heated debate about oral sex being sex, of course I said it is oral sex is sex and my friend said oral sex is not sex because women cannot get pregnant. I was surprised with her response for reasons that we are educated, and at one time, we were sexually active and getting tested, of course before we got tested the lady that was there to take our blood and urine asked us how we can get HIV/AIDS, and I did my research before testing. 

Oh and if you do not know the ways you can get HIV/AIDS here they are: 

  • Blood transfusions
  • Breast milk
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Dirty Needles 
  •  Prenatal : pregnant women that do not take the proper medication in time to make sure the unborn child is not born with HIV/AIDS

I tried to tell her that but she still did not understand so I had to go to Google and the top search result of transmission of HIV/AIDS and it was the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and it says, ” Oral sex involves giving or receiving oral stimulation (i.e., sucking or licking) to the penis (fellatio), the vagina (cunnilingus), or the anus (anilingus). HIV can be transmitted during any of these activities, but the risk is much less than that from anal or vaginal sex. Receiving  fellatio, giving or receiving cunnilingus, and giving or receiving anilingus carry little to no risk. The highest oral sex risk is to individuals performing fellatio on an HIV-infected man, with ejaculation in the mouth.” In addition, to HIV, other organisms can transmitted through oral sex with an infected partner, leading to herpes, syphillis, gonorrhea, genital warts (HPV), or hepatitis A or B. I guess, shocked her because two hours after I won the debate she was getting a nervous and looking up the nearest clinics in the area. 


  1. Smith DK, Grohskopf LA, Black RJ, et al. Antiretroviral postexposure prophylaxis after sexual, injection-drug use, or other nonoccupational exposure to HIV in the United States: recommendations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. MMWR2005;54(RR-2):7.
  2. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/behavior/oralsex.html






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